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Founded in 2011 by Co-Founders Dr. Edward Soloman and Dr. Michael Gendy, Jupiter Health and Medical Services has successfully established and expanded over the span of a few years. The Group is now one of the largest networks of GPs in Western Australia with multiple Co-Owners.

Jupiter Health is undergoing bold expansion, modernisation and enhancement that reflects our promise to meet the changing healthcare needs of our community. Today, Jupiter Health's purpose remains steadfast: respond to our communities, their families and their healthcare demands with the highest possible level of medical professionalism, advanced technology, and professional care. Jupiter also strives to be the hub for all health experts and professionals throughout Australia. Being a part of the Jupiter family, your journey will be enriched with experiences where everyone can learn and grow together.

We aspire to be the largest network of GPs Australia-wide incorporating the rich knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship of general practitioners into successful partnerships to provide the highest quality of patient care that is convenient and affordable for everyone, while maintaining a friendly and approachable service to the local community that is unmatched.

Jupiter Health and Medical Services is committed to providing its patients with a high standard of care for the benefit of each patient’s health and wellbeing.

The goals of the doctors and staff are:

  • To provide the best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principle, up to date knowledge and technological advances.
  • To treat all patients and visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • To ensure the best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements.
  • To ensure the patient’s confidentiality is maintained always.
  • To provide a safe environment and the best working conditions for doctors and staff.
  • Respect and awareness of the individual, personal and social requirements.


Our mission is also to continuously implement and develop great opportunities for doctors in Australia and abroad. We are constantly expanding with many more practices to come. Our Jupiter Health team are here to provide family support initiatives to assist new doctors to settle in quickly in their new role, particularly if relocating from another country to become part of our Jupiter Health family. Jupiter Health and Medical Services also promotes continuous education and learning with in-house CPD activities, RACGP accredited courses and 4 learning seminars a year just for Jupiter Health team of doctors. Most importantly, we treat all our staff like family and believe in promoting a healthy and happy work environment for all.

Come on a career developmental journey with us and meet our broader Jupiter ‘family’ that we are proud of. Ongoing guidance and career development is a pivotal role of our vision and mission for all our staff members.

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